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SS Console Shifter Bin

SS Console Shifter Bin

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Did you closeout the gap on the SS console with the SS shifter surround? Do you want more storage (60mm deep)? Then pop this storage bin in!

Do you want the option to hold your phone and be able to charge it in your new bin? Chose the option with charger and a second mount that a wireless charger can clip into while holding your phone will be included. This can be glued into your bin or kept as a removable option to use in the bin or around the house. Designed for use with the following charger which come in a 2 pack.


The manual shifter bin clips into the original shifter boot clips (4 of them are used, the rest may need some trimming for clearance).

The automatic shifter bin bolts to the console (bolts not provided, but any small bolt to hold it in will work) and is sandwiched under the shifter trim. 

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