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3D Modeling

We offer custom 3D modeling services for anything you can think of. All our current product offerings were designed in house using a multitude of software suite options. This means that no matter what you can think of, we can come up with a solution!

3D Printing

Our current print farm includes 5 large format FDM printers and 2 small format FDM printers to accommodate all your needs. All our printers are setup to print anything from standard PLA filament to high temperature abrasive filaments to rubberized filaments.

3D Scanning

Utilizing our Einscan HX 3D scanner we can help reverse engineer or recreate parts. We can also utilize this tool to help with packaging studies as seen on the right with this LS swapped BMW E36.

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Order Lead Times

Parts are print-to-order which means it may take up to, but normally less than, a week before your parts ship. Parts ship raw off the printer, minus support material. Parts with small imperfections may be fixed, prior to shipping, using a strong epoxy that is easliy sanded before painting for a seemless finish. Some parts may be ready-to-install quality off the printers, but may need light sanding, filling and paint to match your desired finish. As parts are print-to-order, there are no returns or refunds. International shipping is available, just email us for a quote.