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RX8 Sohn Accessory Plate

RX8 Sohn Accessory Plate

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This file allows you to place an order with Send Cut Send, or similar metal cutting service. Its designed for 2 of the Dorman 603-001 2 quart reservoirs. The one used for wiper fluid will need a hole drilled for the wiper fluid pump and the drain plugged so it doesn't leak. The premix side needs nothing. Plate is designed for M6 riv-nuts with 9mm holes, but bolting through the plate could also work. The wiper fluid reservoir is very close, if not touching, the passenger fender rail but shouldn't be an issue. File sent via email (usually within 24 hours) once payment is received. 


Assembled version comes with everything needed to install. All you need to provide is a hose to your SOHN adapter and your grommet and wiper fluid pump.

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